Environment and quality policy

MARINA MIRAMAR, nautical sports facility located in the port of Santa Pola, is committed to compliance with the following principles and values such as business management model:

  • Minimize the environmental impact of the services provided.
  • Involve staff MARINA MIRAMAR in compliance with the principles underwritten by the company.
  • Resolve any errors in the provision of services and thereby reduce complaints and incidents.
  • Take necessary measures to ensure compliance with legal requirements, customer requirements, and those requirements Management System implemented.
  • Maintain standards of quality and environmental respect in services and facilities.
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent pollution, assessing in advance the impact on the environment of our activities and services.
  • Review and define the goals for improvement in the management of the company.


  • Selective collection of garbage.
  • Management Zone polluting waste (batteries, filters, oils).
  • Sewage suction and bilges.